John King, Democratic candidate for Maryland governor

King says his top priority is education, and the Blueprint -- a multi-billion dollar education reform package -- is a good start, "We should see it as the floor, not the ceiling. There’s more to be done to make sure that we’re investing in things like mental health services and school counselors, which are so desperately needed as we recover from COVID."

News Election 2022 Profiles: John King for Governor

We continue with John King, Democratic candidate for Governor in the July 19 primary. Mr. King is the former Secretary of Education in the Obama administration.

John King Campaigns in Easton

On Saturday, the Talbot County Free Library hosted John King, a Democrat running for governor. King, having spent eight years as an educator, said that education is his top priority.

Climate takes center stage at Maryland gubernatorial forum

John B. King, former U.S. secretary of Education, dinged fellow Democrat Tom Perez on his climate record as chair of the Democratic National Committee.


For decades, Michelle Siri has been a champion for women in the state, on the front lines of some of the biggest fights – from Maryland’s IVF coverage bill to the Maryland Contraceptive Equity Act.

The student loan payment pause is set to expire. Where does Biden stand?

King told the American Independent Foundation that Biden has the legal authority to unilaterally cancel all federal student loans owed to the Department of Education. Biden has questioned that authority and asked the departments of Education and Justice to create memos on the issue, which his administration has yet to release.

'We need more urgency' Former U.S. secretary of education on fixing Baltimore City schools

“My message is, as governor, as an educator governor, I'll make sure that we get the return on investment. That we are doing the things in our schools that we know work,” said King.

Former Education Secretary under Obama calls on Biden to cancel student debt

John B. King, Jr., who served as education secretary under former President Barack Obama, has joined a number of other leading government officials calling on President Joe Biden to cancel student debt through executive action.

Obama’s Education Secretary Had Student Debt While in Office, Too

In an essay published Wednesday by Business Insider, the Maryland gubernatorial candidate also called on President Joe Biden’s administration to “unilaterally” cancel student debt for borrowers and to make college more affordable for future students. 

Advocates Rally Md. Lawmakers to Pass Paid Family Medical Leave This Year

“I think there’s a growing realization that paid family leave is a moral obligation of the state, but it’s also good for businesses,” King said in an interview. “Paid family leave and universal quality childcare together are essential to producing an economy that is more just, particularly for working women.”

Political Notes: Rural State Senate Contests, and a King and a President Visit Annapolis

King described his progressive goals and listed the three core pillars of his campaign: education, economic development and diversity, and addressing climate change. He remarked on the stark contrast of having served in the cabinet of the first Black president after his great grandfather had been enslaved a century and a half earlier and 25 miles away from where King lives in Silver Spring.

Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate John King Begins Statewide Tour in Annapolis

With slightly more than four months left until the June 28 primary election, Maryland gubernatorial candidate John King Jr. announced Thursday he and running mate Michelle Siri will embark on a statewide meet and greet tour.

King-Siri Ticket Introduces Agenda To Break Down Economic Inequities for Md. Women

In his bid to become Maryland’s next governor, former U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. (D) and his running mate Michelle Siri are releasing a plan on how their administration would attempt to build economic opportunities for women — by prioritizing paid family leave, affordable child care and a higher minimum wage.

King-Siri Ticket Introduces Agenda To Break Down Economic Inequities for Md. Women

In his bid to become Maryland’s next governor, former U.S. Education Secretary John B. King Jr. (D) and his running mate Michelle Siri are releasing a plan on how their administration would attempt to build economic opportunities for women — by prioritizing paid family leave, affordable child care and a higher minimum wage.

Obama’s former Secretary of Education running for Maryland Governor

John King has devoted his life to education and wants to put that experience to work for the state in Annapolis.

John King Picks Head of Women’s Law Center as Running Mate

John B. King Jr. (D), the former Obama administration education secretary who is running for governor, announced Wednesday morning that Michelle Daugherty Siri, the executive director of The Women’s Law Center of Maryland, will join his ticket as the candidate for lieutenant governor.

Maryland gubernatorial candidate John King selects Michelle Siri, a women’s rights advocate, as his running mate

Former U.S. education secretary John B. King Jr. has selected Michelle Siri, an attorney and women’s rights advocate, to join his ticket in his bid to become Maryland’s next governor.

Maryland Democratic gubernatorial hopeful John B. King taps Michelle Siri, Women’s Law Center of Maryland leader, as running mate

Maryland candidate for governor John B. King has tapped Michelle Siri, the executive director of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland, to run for lieutenant governor together on a ticket later this year.

John B. King Jr. raises critical race theory in first campaign ad

The 60-second Web ad, backed by what King’s campaign said was a ‘six-figure’ media purchase, builds on his campaign theme of using education to bridge gaps in wealth, justice and health that put many of Maryland’s Black families at a disadvantage

John King Hits Digital Airwaves, Parrying GOP Attacks on Critical Race Theory

In addition to serving as a biographical spot that introduces King to voters, the ad also serves to highlight his educational bonafides and argue that King is the candidate best positioned to answer conservatives’ attacks around education and ‘Critical Race Theory’ — a quality he argues is important following Democratic losses in Virginia this year.

Obama's education secretary does not want critical race theory taught in school but supports a 'truthful account' of America's history with slavery

Republican attacks on K-12 race education feel personal for Maryland gubernatorial candidate John King, not just as a former social studies teacher and education secretary for the first Black US president, but also as the descendent of a man who was enslaved.

John King on Climate: ‘Many of My Opponents Have Vague Policy Platitudes’

King pledges to get Maryland to net-zero carbon emissions by 2035, with an interim goal of a 60% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030, and his plan lays out specific goals for distinct sectors.

Former Education Secy. says critical race theory sends a 'false message about what's happening'

Former Secretary of Education and Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Maryland, John King, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss teaching as a top issue in the 2021 elections. He shares his perspective on learning loss during the pandemic and calls critical race theory a "dog whistle."

Teachers Saved John King's Life. Now, He Hopes to Become America's First Afro-Latino Governor.

Schools – teachers – saved King’s life as a young child. In every part of the conversation, he centers ensuring every Maryland child has access to any opportunity they can imagine. His voice lights up when he talks about it.

John King Responds to Governor Hogan’s “Re-Fund the Police” Announcement

Governor Hogan is shouting ‘Blue Lives Matter’ through a $150 million taxpayer-funded megaphone while playing dog whistle politics and scapegoating Baltimore — a divisive approach that will not make us safer. 

John King Lays Out his Education Platform

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John King laid out his own education plan this week, which he says “goes from cradle to career.”

John King: Government Should be a ‘Force for Good in People’s Lives’

John King began his career in education as a high school social studies teacher in Puerto Rico and Boston, and as a middle school principal.

Black educators struggle to cope with COVID-19 stress: ‘We are overwhelmed’

King tells theGrio that Black education leaders and other leaders are walking a tightrope as they try to serve children and put their foot down on safety measures.

Former Education Sec. King talks widespread learning loss amid pandemic, mask-wearing and vaccine mandates in schools

Former Education Secretary John King discusses what the government can do to tackle the learning loss crisis and responds to politicians opposing mask-wearing in classrooms.


“I hope Comptroller Franchot and the Board of Public Works make the right choice and vote against this design contract.”

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate King Calls For Tiffany Robinson To Resign

Former U.S. Education Secretary and Democratic gubernatorial candidate John King Jr. said state Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson should resign from office for having mismanaged Maryland’s unemployment insurance system.

Building the Prison-to-College Pipeline

“We can create more inclusive, productive, and stronger communities by ensuring that students who have paid their debt to society are provided with the chance to pursue higher education.”

Obama-era Education Secretary: ‘Betsy DeVos was a disaster for education’

King, who served as Education Secretary during the final months of President Obama's second term and is currently campaigning to become governor of Maryland, described DeVos' legacy as focused on rolling back Obama-era policies and appointing officials who didn't have the best interests of students in mind.

Face-to-Face Fundraising Returns, With a Heavy Dose of Democratic Gubernatorial Campaigning

King talked about struggling as a youth after both his parents died, but also about his faith in the redemptive powers of education.

A Year After Nationwide Protests, District Promises for Racial Equity — Juneteenth Gains Legal Popularity, but Misses Classroom Recognition

“One of the key questions about Juneteenth is if it’s just performative — just a moment, and not a serious district-wide effort to advance racial equity — then to me it’s grossly inadequate to the moment,” King said.

Maryland gubernatorial candidate John B. King Jr. has raised $1 million, according to his campaign

Maryland gubernatorial candidate and former U.S. education secretary John B. King Jr. has raised $1 million since launching his bid less than two months ago, according to his campaign.

John B. King, former Obama education secretary, running for Maryland governor

John B. King Jr., a former education secretary under President Barack Obama, is seeking the Democratic nomination to be Maryland’s next governor, his campaign announced Tuesday.



John King and Michelle Siri Release Statement on House Passage of the Time to Care Act

We are excited to hear that the state house passed the Time to Care Act, as both of us have long advocated for paid family and medical leave for Marylanders – including Michelle testifying on this legislation. T

Statement on Wes Moore Backtracking on Key Transportation Policy Issues

I believe that we can and must usher in a new era of transportation for Marylanders that is accessible, affordable, and equitable. We can accomplish this by finishing the Purple Line, building the Red Line in Baltimore, expanding MARC and connecting services, building the Southern Maryland light rail, eliminating public-private partnerships that hurt commuters while lining the pockets of private companies, and dramatically improving bus services – in addition to other steps.

John King Releases Statement on Maryland's New Gas Tax Moratorium

While immediate relief is helpful, we need to enact long term solutions – and that means investing in renewable energy and the electrification of our private and public transportation options so that we are not so dependent on despots with oil fields.

John King: Our Schools Are Critical to the Fight Against Climate Change

As the father of two daughters who will see these devastating impacts in their lifetimes, I worry about the future we will be sending our children into if we fail to take clear, purposeful action. However, I am also hopeful that we can still slow the effects of climate change and mitigate the most serious threats it poses.

Statement on Baltimore County Redistricting

Maryland gubernatorial candidate John B. King Jr. and his running mate Michelle Siri, who resides in Baltimore County, released the following statement today in response to the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Lydia Griggsby to strike down the redistricting plan proposed by the Baltimore County Council: 

John King, Michelle Siri Release Statement on Baltimore Redistricting Proposal

The map put forth by the Baltimore County Council for redistricting the county would not have resulted in accurate representation for Black voters.

I was paying off school loans while I was the secretary of education under Obama. Here's why Biden needs to cancel student debt.

President Biden should use his executive authority to unilaterally cancel student debt for each borrower.

Gov. Hogan’s Budget Proposal Leaves Students In The Lurch

Budgets are a statement of an administration’s priorities, and this proposal makes it clear that our schools and our students aren’t a priority for Governor Hogan.

Statement on Governor Hogan's Budget

Time and again over the past 8 years, we have watched as Governor Hogan has ignored the needs of students, parents, teachers, and schools, and we have felt the very real consequences in our lives and the lives of our children as a result. 

John King and Michelle Siri Urge the Maryland State Legislature to Pass the Time to Care Act

The King/Siri administration will make sure that every Marylander has guaranteed Paid Family Leave.

John King's Statement on Governor Larry Hogan’s Crime Bill

Governor Hogan has had two terms to address violent crime but chose to spend his time refusing to partner with local leaders, actively stripping resources away from communities, playing dog whistle politics, and scapegoating Baltimore — a divisive approach that will not make us safer.

Promise to Progress: How Maryland will Lead the Fight Against Climate Change

I’m running for Governor to take the promise of a sustainable, livable future and turn it into the progress we so desperately need. 

Opinion: Hogan Refuses to Lead on Indoor Masking Requirement

As the delta variant rages and threatens to disrupt another school year, it’s past time for Gov. Larry Hogan to step up, heed the science and acknowledge that the COVID-19 emergency is not over.


While Governor Hogan is legacy shopping, I will restore any and all transportation project cuts he makes to local transit priorities in his attempt to coerce local leaders to vote his way.

Our schools are in poor condition. Here's how to give kids a better learning environment

With nearly 100,000 schools across the country on about 2 million acres of land, one in every six Americans in a typical year relies on our school buildings and grounds for learning, work and wellbeing.

Opinion: My family went from being enslaved to serving in the White House. You can’t erase our history.

I live in Montgomery County, Md. — about 25 miles from where my great-grandfather was enslaved. The cabin where he and his family lived still stands on the property owned by direct-line descendants of the family who “owned” my family.

JONES/KING: Maryland Has a Chance to Be a National Model for Making Racial Equity a Reality

In Maryland, we have taken the challenge of inclusivity and justice — not simply equality — seriously.





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By all accounts Jasmine Brunson Jr. was a light. My heart is with his family, loved ones, and school community.

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The King-Siri admin will work to undo the deep inequity affecting women in our economy. We'll be the first state to close the gender pay gap, ensure safe & accessible workplaces, and strengthen financial assistance and tax credits for Maryland's families.

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