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News Election 2022 Profiles: John King for Governor

3/28/2022 | Dave Wheelan

The Talbot Spy

Today, the Spy continues its informal series on profiling candidates running for office in 2022. Over the next eight months, we will be offering long-form interviews with those running for Maryland’s Governor, MD Congressional District 1, and several local elections in Dorchester, Kent, and Talbot Counties.

As per our educational, nonpartisan mission concerning all public affairs on the Mid-Shore, we believe these in-depth conversations offer a unique alternative to the traditional three-minute sound bite or quick quote. We will be talking to each candidate about their background, qualifications, and policy priorities as well as how they differentiate themselves from others running for the same office and the previous Hogan administration.

We continue with John King, Democratic candidate for Governor in the July 19 primary. Mr. King is the former Secretary of Education in the Obama administration.