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Sunrise Movement Maryland Endorses John King for Governor

6/16/2022 | John B. King

Today, Sunrise Movement Maryland announced they are endorsing former Obama Secretary of Education John King for governor and Michelle Siri for Lieutenant Governor. The dam has broken on progressive endorsements, as more and more continue to throw their support behind the King-Siri campaign. Today’s Sunrise Movement endorsement follows recent endorsements by the Lower Shore Progressive Caucus, Our Revolution Maryland, Pro-Choice Maryland, and Sierra Club Maryland. It’s clear that John is the progressive choice in this race, and will be a governor who actually delivers on his bold plans. As the primary heats up, John’s campaign is meeting the moment with momentum at the right time – and building a broad coalition of support.

“The climate crisis is here and we need urgent action to fight it. I am proud to be the choice of progressive Marylanders who know we cannot afford to elect another governor who refuses to act. As governor, I will create a Green New Deal for Maryland that will prioritize climate action to protect the Bay, achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035, and reverse long-standing systemic environmental injustice. I am honored to receive the endorsement of Sunrise Movement Maryland today, and look forward to working with them to achieve our shared goals.” said John King.

Sunrise Movement Frederick coordinator Davin Faris said, “Green job creation, community resiliency, widespread public transit—these kinds of essential policies are what a candidate like John King will bring to Maryland. As a student activist, it’s incredibly meaningful for me to see this better future on the verge of being realized.”

John’s plan for climate action is the only one that has bold goals with a specific roadmap showing how his administration will achieve them. John’s climate plan includes:

  • Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2035
  • Creating good green jobs for Marylanders by shifting to renewable energy
  • Reversing long-standing systemic environmental injustice that has disproportionately impacted Black and brown families
  • Protecting and restoring the Bay
  • Amending the Maryland state constitution to guarantee Marylanders the right to a healthy environment
  • Building adaptable and resilient communities
  • Supporting Maryland farmers in advancing sustainable agriculture practices
  • Achieving 100% clean transportation for public vehicles, including school buses, by 2030 by replacing the fleet with electric vehicles
  • Implementing statewide green building standards and retrofitting existing construction
  • Passing the Poultry Litter Management Act and regulating ammonia emissions