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Statements by John King and Michelle Siri in Response to Potential Supreme Court Decision on Abortion Rights

5/2/2022 | John B. King, Michelle Siri

Abortion is health care, health care is a human right, and the threat posed by the Supreme Court’s potential decision to the rights of pregnant people everywhere cannot be overstated. It is an affront to what it means to be an American that pregnant people all across our country could soon wake up with less rights than they were born with. It will be the duty of Maryland’s next Democratic governor to unapologetically protect and expand a pregnant person’s right to an abortion.

While Maryland is fortunate enough to have a Democratic majority legislature that has protected abortion access for Marylanders, we can’t underestimate the risk a Republican governor would pose. Just in this legislative session, Gov. Hogan made it clear where he stood by vetoing a bill to expand abortion access, and 2022 Republican gubernatorial candidates Kelly Schulz and Dan Cox have made their stances on abortion clear – they will not protect Marylanders’ right to one. Electing a Democratic governor in Maryland has never been more critical, because we must do everything we can to protect reproductive rights. As your governor, I will fight every day to protect your right to abortion care, including fully funding training on abortion care in Maryland’s clinical education programs for health practitioners, vetoing any restrictions on the right to an abortion, and including full funding for Medicaid coverage of abortion care for any reason in my budget.” said John King.

“I am grateful to live in Maryland, where the public has overwhelmingly supported abortion rights and the legislature has worked to expand those rights, including passing the Abortion Care Access Act this legislative session. Unfortunately, just because we have that right secured here doesn’t mean the Supreme Court’s potential ruling will not have an impact on Marylanders. Currently, over two-thirds of Maryland counties don’t have any abortion care providers. Should this draft decision be cemented, and Roe and Casey overturned, we can expect to see fewer providers, fewer clinics, an increase in wait times and other barriers. I’ve been fighting for the rights of Marylanders for nearly two decades, and as your Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to fight every day to protect your abortion access.” said Michelle Siri.