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Statement on Wes Moore Backtracking on Key Transportation Policy Issues

3/29/2022 | John B. King

I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Maryland Transit Opportunity Coalition’s questionnaire and reaffirm my vision for Maryland’s transit future. I believe that we can and must usher in a new era of transportation for Marylanders that is accessible, affordable, and equitable. We can accomplish this by finishing the Purple Line, building the Red Line in Baltimore, expanding MARC and connecting services, building the Southern Maryland light rail, eliminating public-private partnerships that hurt commuters while lining the pockets of private companies, and dramatically improving bus services – in addition to other steps.

Unfortunately, it looks as though not every candidate shares this progressive vision for our state. Notably, Wes Moore’s responses to the questions posed by the MTOC survey were not only concerning – as he voiced support for privatized toll lanes that will make traffic worse while not supporting building the Red Line rail project in Baltimore – but also in direct contradiction to many of his own purported policies.

Moore’s responses and his willingness to flip flop so drastically on issues that will impact the lives of millions of Marylanders who use our public transportation and drive on our roads should raise a giant red flag for voters.

It also raises the question, what other promises and policy positions might the Moore campaign change their mind about when it suits them?