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Statement from MD Gubernatorial Candidate John King on Republican Kelly Schulz’s “Parental Bill of Rights”

5/12/2022 | John B. King

“As the only current public school parent running for governor, I am concerned by Kelly Schulz’s attempt to gaslight Maryland voters with her “parental bill of rights”. Kelly Schulz pretends to be different from Del. Dan Cox, but her platform illustrates just how similar their views are on critical issues like education.

Schulz wants to expand funding for the BOOST program, siphoning money to non-public schools instead of investing in our public schools. She wants to “keep partisan politics out of the classroom” – a dog-whistle for saying she wants to ban teaching about the history of racism in this country. It’s a tactic taken straight out of the Glenn Youngkin playbook. And she’s pledged to provide more resources to SROs in schools – which would only further exacerbate the juvenile justice crisis and the disparities in the school-to-prison pipeline.

We cannot allow Republicans like Kelly Schulz to use fear-mongering to pit parents against educators and put our children’s futures at risk.

Public school literally saved my life, and I know that every Maryland student deserves a world-class public education so that they can have the same opportunity that I did. Every Maryland educator needs to be properly supported if our kids are to thrive. They deserve good salaries, good working conditions, resources, and respect for the critical work they are doing. If elected, Kelly Schulz will stand in the way of achieving those goals.

Maryland’s next governor must be a leader who sees the Blueprint as the floor not the ceiling in terms of what we can accomplish for our students. As a current public school dad, former teacher, principal and Secretary of Education, I have the most firsthand experience in this race working with public schools and their staff – and I understand the unique challenges they face. As Secretary of Education under President Obama, I oversaw a budget that was more than $15 billion dollars bigger than the state budget – and as your governor I’ll put that experience to work for Maryland’s students and schools.”