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Secretary John King Calls Out Wes Moore’s Race-Baiting Attacks On Secretary Tom Perez As “Out of Line”

6/6/2022 | John B. King

“Wes Moore’s attack on Tom Perez today at the MPT/WBAL debate saying he’s ‘oppressing’ Black people was out of line and frankly unacceptable. While there are many reasonable policy criticisms that can be made about Tom, the kind of race-baiting discourse that Wes engaged in today has no place in this campaign. It is unfortunate that Wes once again is trying to appropriate the feelings of an entire community for personal gain by saying to Tom he has ‘oppressed the little guy’ in reference to the Black community.

As a Black man myself, I take offense to this type of blanket generalization. I hope Wes apologizes to Tom and to the Black community in Maryland for his statements and recognizes that these kinds of attacks have no place in our political discourse.”