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Obama’s former Secretary of Education running for Maryland Governor

2/1/2022 | Steven Cohen


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM) — John King was Secretary of Education in the administration of President Barack Obama. Still, now he has thrown his hat into the ring to be Maryland’s next governor.

Gov. Larry Hogan is term-limited and cannot serve beyond this year. And the Democratic primary field is crowded with close to a dozen candidates. But John King has devoted his life to education and wants to put that experience to work for the state in Annapolis.

“You see,” said King, “how all the other systems impact kids and families from housing to food insecurity to access to health, care and so it was very important for me to get into this governor’s race to make the case that we need a teacher for governor and that state government can be a force for good in peoples’ lives.”

Maryland’s primary is in June. Gov. Hogan is backing his commerce secretary, Connie Schulz, for the Republican Party nomination.