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MD Gubernatorial Candidate John King Releases Statement on SCOTUS Decision to Strike Down NY Gun Law and Potential Impact of Ruling in MD

6/23/2022 | John B. King

“Just last week, my daughter texted my wife and me from a hiding spot under a table in her classroom because her high school was placed on lockdown after reports of an individual with a gun outside the building. Unfortunately, this is a heartbreaking experience with which too many families in America are familiar. Thank God no one was hurt — but no child should have to endure that terror. We need stricter gun laws so that our schools, houses of worship, grocery stores, and homes are safer – so that the horrors of Sandy Hook, Buffalo, and Uvalde are not repeated and our families don’t have to live in constant fear of the daily gun violence that afflicts so many of our communities.

Instead, the Supreme Court made a decision today that is going to make it easier for anyone to walk around with a concealed gun – and increase the number of firearms in our communities. While the decision applies to New York, it sets a dangerous precedent for what might happen to similar laws across the country, including here in Maryland where we are fortunate to have strong concealed carry laws.

We cannot continue to allow the current epidemic of gun violence to continue, and we cannot sit idly by while our protections are taken away. As governor, I will work to vigorously enforce Maryland’s existing gun laws including the ghost-gun ban, assault weapon ban, and red flag law, and protect our strict concealed carry laws. I will also work with the General Assembly to pass strong Child Access Prevention laws, like Jaelynn’s Law, and stronger Safe Storage laws.” said John King.