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MD Gubernatorial Candidate and Former US Secretary of Education John King Releases Statement Regarding Carson v. Makin SCOTUS Decision

6/21/2022 | John B. King

“Today’s decision by the US Supreme Court – which determined that a tuition assistance program in Maine could not exclude religious schools – sets a dangerous precedent. As a result of the Court’s decision, religious schools, including those that discriminate against their students on the basis of identities like their sexuality or gender will be allowed to benefit from public dollars.

As Secretary of Education for President Obama, I stood up to discrimination such as school districts denying civil rights protections to transgender students or the disproportionate use of exclusionary discipline to deny educational opportunities to students of color. I also have long advocated against voucher programs, which fail to address the real challenges we face and undermine public education.

Public money must be for public schools with public accountability. We cannot allow taxpayer dollars to be funneled to discriminatory schools, and one of the key steps we need to take towards that is ending the BOOST voucher program in Maryland.”