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John King’s Statement on Governor Larry Hogan’s Crime Bill

1/10/2022 | John B. King

Today Governor Larry Hogan pressured the Maryland Legislature into passing his expensive and misguided crime bill.


John King, Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland, issued the following statement in response: 


“Governor Hogan has had two terms to address violent crime but chose to spend his time refusing to partner with local leaders, actively stripping resources away from communities, playing dog whistle politics, and scapegoating Baltimore — a divisive approach that will not make us safer.”


“Instead of sinking $500 million of taxpayer money into a misguided crime bill, Governor Hogan should seek to build on the policing reforms passed by the state legislature and reimagine public safety. It’s clear he won’t — he’s more worried about getting his next campaign started — but as governor I’ll support mental health services and addiction treatment, build restorative justice programs that break cycles of incarceration, help returning citizens find housing and jobs, and invest in violence prevention groups like Safe Streets Baltimore.”