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John King Releases Statement on the Child Interrogation Protection Act

4/9/2022 | John B. King

“As an educator, I have seen students – specifically students of color from low-income backgrounds – caught up in the criminal justice system whose lives might have turned out very differently if they had access to fundamental due process. As an African-American and Puerto Rican man who experienced the trauma of losing both my parents by the time I was twelve, struggled with the consequences of that trauma in high school, made bad decisions that got me kicked out of school, and was lucky to receive a second chance thanks to my teachers and a school counselor, I know the stakes of how we treat vulnerable young people who have made mistakes. As a parent, I know the daily fear of what over-policing and racial disparities in the criminal justice system could mean for one’s child if the right due process protections are not in place. Child interrogation without legal counsel contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline and appalling racial disparities in youth justice in Maryland. It is deeply disappointing that Gov. Hogan has chosen to veto legislation that would help protect children from manipulative interrogation tactics. I am grateful that the Assembly swiftly voted to overturn this decision.”