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John King Releases Statement on Maryland’s New Gas Tax Moratorium

3/11/2022 | John B. King

“I am thankful for the swift action by Speaker Jones and President Ferguson to provide support for hard working Marylanders who are suffering from skyrocketing prices at the gas pumps thanks to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and failed policies around transportation and fossil fuels. While immediate relief is helpful, we need to enact long term solutions – and that means investing in renewable energy and the electrification of our private and public transportation options so that we are not so dependent on despots with oil fields.

Unfortunately, leaders like Comptroller Peter Franchot who are supposed to work to protect Marylanders’ best interests have instead worked to keep us addicted to fossil fuels, making steps like a gas tax moratorium necessary when situations outside of our control like the war in Ukraine arise.

Now, Marylanders are paying the price.

As governor, I will work to make Maryland a leader in renewable energy and remove our dependence on fossil fuels. A key part of that effort will be expanding public transportation across the state – including transitioning our public transit buses and school buses to electric. We also will build 10,000 charging stations and incentivize the urgently needed shift to electric cars and trucks.

It is time we showed the climate crisis the same urgency we need to show around gas prices, so that Marylanders no longer suffer the consequences of failed leadership.”