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John King Campaigns in Easton

3/23/2022 | Matt Andrews

The Star Democrat

On Saturday, the Talbot County Free Library hosted John King, a Democrat running for governor. King, having spent eight years as an educator, said that education is his top priority.

King also served as the Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama during Obama’s second term in office.

He gave a speech that outlines the issues he’s most passionate about, which include education, economic development, the environment and racial justice.

His running mate, Michelle Siri, also addressed the group, detailing her career which has been devoted to fighting for women’s rights. Siri served as the assistant attorney general for Maryland, the executive director of the Women’s Law Center of Maryland and the board president of Planned Parenthood of Maryland.

King’s interest in improving education started after he was kicked out of high school. Various teachers and counselors worked hard with King despite his situation, never giving up, which greatly impacted his life.

If elected, King said he hopes to raise the minimum wage, increase teacher pay, make community college tuition-free, cancel student debt and decrease the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

King, whose great-grandfather was once enslaved in Maryland, stressed that he wants to complete his agenda while keeping communities of color in mind.

After the speech, King and Siri took questions from attendees, who asked about worker shortages, taxes, divisiveness, drug addiction and Republican opposition.

“The argument of public-safety vs. civil rights isn’t constructive,” King said after asked his thoughts on public safety. “I believe we can address both issues.”