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John King and Michelle Siri Urge the Maryland State Legislature to Pass the Time to Care Act

1/11/2022 | John B. King, Michelle Siri

Today John King, Democratic candidate for governor of Maryland, and Michelle Siri, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, called on the Maryland state legislature to guarantee Paid Family Leave in Maryland by passing the Time to Care Act in the upcoming session. 


“I was sidelined at my first job when I was pregnant with my oldest son and my career was put on the backburner,” said Michelle Siri.  “Far too many Marylanders continue to face that painful challenge, but the state legislature has an incredible opportunity to pass the Time to Care Act and deliver real change for Maryland families.” 


“With Joe Manchin holding up meaningful progress in D.C., our state government here in Maryland has the responsibility to be a force for good in people’s lives and pass Paid Family Leave,” said John King. “I hope the legislature can pass the Time to Care Act and override a potential veto from Governor Hogan but no matter what happens, the King/Siri administration will make sure that every Marylander has guaranteed Paid Family Leave.”