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John King and Michelle Siri Release Statement on the Abortion Care Access Act

4/9/2022 | John B. King, Michelle Siri

“The Abortion Care Access Act is critical to protecting the rights of women in Maryland, and would ensure safe and affordable access to abortion services. Gov. Hogan’s veto is evidence that we cannot afford to be complacent in Maryland when it comes to reproductive rights and I am glad that the Assembly promptly overturned this decision. With abortion rights at risk all around the country, we must do everything we can to protect and improve access in Maryland.” said John King.

“Over my two decades of experience working with and advocating on behalf of Maryland women, I have heard countless stories about barriers to abortion access. We know that Roe v. Wade is under dire threat of being overturned right now. Meanwhile, in Maryland, over two-thirds of our counties don’t have any abortion care providers – an unacceptable situation that must be addressed. We need to dismantle the barriers to abortion care, because abortion is health care and health care is a human right. That’s why I proudly testified this session for the protection of reproductive freedom, and I am glad that the Assembly overrode Gov. Hogan’s unacceptable veto of the Abortion Care Access Act.” said Michelle Siri.