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7/19/2021 | John B. King

“Talk to any Maryland voter and they will tell you that public transportation across the state is in dire need of investment and improvement. All Marylanders agree we need a holistic approach to transportation that takes the long-term view of dealing with our growing population and creating a more equitable transit infrastructure. Sadly, Governor Hogan’s failed leadership on transit is now only worsened by his plan to privatize the beltway.


“While Governor Hogan is legacy shopping, I will restore any and all transportation project cuts he makes to local transit priorities in his attempt to coerce local leaders to vote his way. I ask that my fellow Democratic gubernatorial candidates join me in this pledge to build a more equitable transit infrastructure.


“We need a beltway expansion plan that gives local stakeholders and community members a seat at the table, not one that tries to bulldoze homes and parkland for beltway privatization. Governor Hogan’s vision for alleviating traffic on the beltway is deeply misguided — from the idea that a public infrastructure project this big and this important should be handed over to for-profit corporations, especially one like Transurban that has a truly disastrous record, or the short-sightedness of a transit plan that fails to consider the challenges of climate change. 


“Bullying is not effective governing. Trying to strong arm local governments with misleading attempts to cut projects that haven’t been fully-funded is not how the Governor of Maryland should lead. The next governor must have a comprehensive transportation vision that not only reduces traffic and tackles climate change head on, but one that doesn’t leave the rest of us stuck in worsening traffic and delays while the wealthiest among us cruise along in luxury toll lanes.”