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Former US Secretary of Education John King Releases a Statement on Anniversary of Historic Brown V. Board of Education Decision

5/17/2022 | John B. King

“Brown v. Board of Education was decided 68 years ago today, but we have not yet lived up to its promise. So many of our schools and neighborhoods remain segregated to this day. In states across the country, Republicans are passing racist legislation that is taking away Black Americans’ hard-fought voting rights, taking us back to the era of Jim Crow, and erasing our history. We can’t allow that to happen.

My ancestors were enslaved in a cabin in Gaithersburg, MD — just 25 miles away from where my family and I live today. In only three generations, my family went from being enslaved in that cabin to serving in the Cabinet of the nation’s first Black president. The United States is full of stories like this, stories that remind us of the darker moments in our history — and also of the progress that we are capable of when we stand up together in the face of injustice and demand change.

As we remember the victory of Brown v. Board of Education, we must recognize that we live in  a nation where too many are still left behind, and where Black communities are being targeted by racist domestic terrorists. We must tackle systemic racism and white supremacy head on in order to truly build a brighter, more just, more equitable future.”