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Black educators struggle to cope with COVID-19 stress: ‘We are overwhelmed’

8/13/2021 | Natasha Alford


MENTION: “I’m really worried about where we are in terms of the politicization of COVID,” says John B. King, former Secretary of Education under President Barack Obama, and current 2022 candidate for Governor of Maryland.

 “You have these governors like Governor DeSantis…I think they are behaving in ways that are reckless and frankly, incredibly dangerous,” King says.

King tells theGrio that Black education leaders and other leaders are walking a tightrope as they try to serve children and put their foot down on safety measures. 

 “You’re put in this terrible situation where you have to go against the state government,” King says. “People are risking their financial well-being. They’re risking their job security, but they’re doing it because they know it’s the right thing for kids.”