John knows firsthand what it’s like to deal with Beltway traffic and the frustrations Marylanders experience from the gaps in our state’s public transit system. Between the cancellation of Baltimore’s Red Line and delays with the Purple Line, the Hogan administration has been a disaster for equitable, accessible, and smart public transit. Additionally, the administration has doubled down on abandoning public transportation with its diversion of resources and attention to highway expansion with expensive private toll lanes.

Besides forfeiting federal funds, Governor Hogan’s cancellation of the Red Line project disproportionately harmed Black communities in Baltimore, with the Obama administration even opening a civil rights investigation into the cancellation. Unfortunately, this complaint was closed by the Trump Justice Department. The Purple Line, meanwhile, has seen years of delays and cost overruns, in part driven by cuts to state money for the project and the Hogan administration valuing the cheapest bid over quality. Maryland taxpayers deserve to have their tax dollars used on public projects that will benefit them, not on so-called “public-private partnerships” that run over budget and behind schedule.

As Governor, John will:

  • Reactivate the plan for the Baltimore Red Line.
  • Ensure completion of the Purple Line.
  • Partner with the Biden Administration to put public transit – including light rail like the proposed Southern Maryland Rapid Transit project and efficient bus service – at the center of Maryland’s transportation policy.
  • Create incentives for communities to create more sustainable communities and neighborhoods.
  • Make sure Maryland’s transportation options are serving all Marylanders, not just those in wealthier neighborhoods.
  • Fight against the construction of private toll lanes.
  • Investment in the MARC Train to make it more user friendly and extend it.