One in seven Marylanders is an immigrant. Immigrants are essential members of their communities, driving forces to Maryland’s economy, and contribute greatly to the cultural vibrancy of our state.

Governor Hogan has repeatedly vetoed bills that would make Maryland’s immigrant communities more secure. Local law enforcement should not be able to harass immigrants at will and local detention centers should end their agreements to house ICE detainees.

Immigrants in Maryland deserve an ally in the governor’s mansion.

As Governor, John will:

  • Uphold the Dignity Not Detention Act, preventing local detention centers from contracting with ICE.
  • End the implementation of the 287(g) program in participating Maryland jurisdictions.
  • Work to protect the status of the almost 8,000 DACA recipients in Maryland.
  • Ensure worker protections extend to immigrant workers and they are protected from retaliation when reporting violations.
  • Pass the Trust Act.
  • Protect H-2B seasonal workers from unjust employer retaliation.
  • Expand health care coverage so everyone is eligible, regardless of immigration status.
  • Work with the legislature to maintain the state’s earned income tax credit to cover immigrants, including undocumented ones.