When John kicked off his campaign for governor, he held dozens of listening events across the state. One issue that consistently came up was Maryland’s housing crisis. Maryland has affordable and market-rate housing shortages in some areas like the Eastern Shore and Montgomery County, but also faces vacancy and negative home value problems in areas like Baltimore. Maryland needs a Governor who will take a holistic approach to tackling the housing crisis by building the housing policy around supply, stability, and subsidy. Sadly, many of Maryland’s zoning laws are still out of date and reflect a dark history of zoning laws motivated by a desire to create racially segregated communities.

As Governor, John will:

  • Work with local communities to make sure that there is the necessary housing stock available for market-rate and affordable housing.
  • Work with the legislature and local communities to pass equitable zoning laws.
  • Ensure Maryland is utilizing the housing trust fund that for decades has been dramatically underutilized.


Maryland is also facing a long-term housing justice crisis. The pandemic showed many of us the true injustices of many of Maryland’s renter laws. As the founder of Strong Future Maryland, John worked during the last legislative session to try and change many of these unjust renter laws.

As Governor, John will:

  • Push for Eviction Diversion programs to promote continuity of housing.
  • Increase filing surcharges for civil cases in eviction actions and require those charges be paid by the landlord to deter unnecessary eviction action.
  • Ensure right to counsel for those facing eviction action in court.
  • Work to end youth homelessness especially LGBTQ+ youth homelessness as nearly 40% of all youth experiencing homelessness identify as LGBTQ+.