As a teacher and principal, John lost students to gun violence. He’s sat with grieving parents and seen the lasting pain that gun violence inflicts on our families & communities first hand. He knows that public safety is foundational to exercising all of our other rights, and is committed to making Maryland a safer, more thriving place for everyone. 


Unfortunately, Maryland is facing a very real gun violence crisis right now — and the next governor must work with local elected officials and leaders to remedy it. 


As governor, John will:

  • Vigorously enforce Maryland’s new ban on ghost-guns and other existing gun laws, like our assault weapons ban and red flag law. 
  • Pass strong Child Access Prevention laws, like Jaelynn’s Law and stronger Safe Storage laws.
  • Focus the police on stopping the flow of illegal guns and investigating violent crimes, including implementing an evidence-based focused deterrence program. 
  • Create effective behavioral intervention programs for people with a history of gun offenses to prevent re-offending, as there are not currently enough existing programs to meet the need. 

John is proud to have earned the Moms Demand Action 2022 Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.