A thriving Maryland economy requires making sure every Marylander – urban, suburban or rural; Black, brown, or white; born wealthy or poor – has the chance to live up to their full potential. Despite our state’s wealth, our prosperity is not yet fully shared. Our economy today leaves too many people behind, treating them as if they were disposable. That’s not good enough to compete with other states and other nations in today’s economy. 


We can ensure all Marylanders have the opportunity to thrive by making sure they have the food they need to eat, healthcare when they need it, safe and affordable housing, quality child care, and transportation to jobs.  By making Maryland first in the nation in enabling a diverse, skilled, and empowered workforce, we will make Maryland the location in the mid-Atlantic where businesses and industry want to come, remain, and grow.  


A King-Siri administration will focus efforts around five key planks:

  1. Ensuring everyone has access to the building blocks of economic opportunity. In order for Marylanders to reach their full potential in the economy, we need a system of supports in place that enables workers to find childcare, transportation, and accessible housing.
  2. Building strong pathways so that people have the skills and opportunities required for the jobs they want. A strong education and workforce training network prepares Marylanders for the jobs of the future and will grow the economy.
  3. Supporting good jobs in healthy businesses. With access to capital, government services that are easy-to-navigate and customer-friendly, and strong infrastructure, employers and entrepreneurs in every community will be able to sustain and create good, stable jobs that pay a living wage and provide good benefits.  
  4. Building vibrant communities statewide. Economic activity is place-based and a King-Siri administration will ensure that all Maryland communities are positioned for success, from leveraging our assets like FDA and NIH to be the national leader in life sciences to ensuring thriving main streets in towns from the Eastern Shore to Mountain Maryland.
  5. Advancing equity and making sure our economy works for every Marylander by directly tackling systemic disparities. A King-Siri administration will work to close the racial wealth gap and ensure that policies leave no Marylander out.