Criminal Justice Reform

Maryland’s prison population has the worst racial disparities in the country by a wide margin — while 31% of the state’s population is Black, over 70% of incarcerated Marylanders are Black. 

John King will:

  • Increase investments in community-centric restorative justice programs that break cycles of incarceration through education, job training, and addiction recovery; treat people who are incarcerated with dignity; and make sure there are systems in place that properly support them when they return home.
  • Reform our sentencing system by raising the minimum age that minors can be tried in adult courts and changing our home detention system.
  • Legalize recreational cannabis across the state and expunge the records of all nonviolent offenders incarcerated for cannabis-related charges.
  • Build on policing reforms that increase trust and accountability between police and the communities they serve including accelerating the implementation of body cameras.Reimagine public safety by increasing investments in addiction treatment, mental health services, and violence prevention programs, like Safe Streets Baltimore. 
  • Expand the use of Crisis Intervention Response Units so, for example, trained mental health professionals respond to mental health crises.